Top Ten Reasons for #kreppmentum

It's go time, people. Get out there and vote. While you're at it, let your friends know why you're doing it. 

If you need some pointers, here are the top ten reasons to Vote Krepp:

  1. Are you tired of #EHNertia? I certainly am. 
  2. Do you think the National Park Service should be better integrated into the urban fabric of our city?
  3. Maybe the DC Delegate should be more focused on solving our problems and less on accommodating Missouri's?
  4. You know what happens to the push for DC Statehood if I lose? Absolutely nothing. 
  5. Elect Krepp, and your chances of personally being run over by the DC Delegate go down dramatically (you Hill folk know what I'm talking about).
  6. Eyebrows are the new mustaches. Get in on the ground floor.
  7. You want me on that wall. Republicans are (probably) taking over the Senate and they don't take our current Delegate
  8. It would be nice if the Democratic Party was as committed to Washington, DC, as we are to them.
  9. I have actual concerns about the growth of our city and how we can best work with the Federal government to accommodate it in a sustainable manner.
  10. It would be fun awesome to watch.


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