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No other city has such a convoluted relationship with the federal government. From playground slides to our perennial quest for Statehood, Washington, DC struggles to build a better relationship with the feds every day.

Then why aren't we doing anything about it?!?

It's time, past time, to challenge the status quo. You don't get change by doing the same thing year in and year out. I'm running to be your Delegate to the House of Representatives to bring new energy, a renewed focus on Statehood, and to redefine our relationship with the federal government. I need your help!

The first thing, the very first thing I need you to do is to sign our Debate Petition. We need more democracy in the District of Columbia, not less, and I call on the incumbent to engage in a vigorous and open debate for YOUR vote. Don't let them take you or your vote for granted.

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