Renewed energy on Statehood As the old saying goes, doing the same thing and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. Across the DC political spectrum we agree that Statehood is our ultimate goal. Why then do we not think strategically about how to obtain it? We need to expand our efforts out of the small circle of dedicated activists, take our message out to the states, and energize District residents new and old. People need to feel that their efforts won’t be wasted, that their energy is spent with a sense of purpose. As Delegate, I'll hit the ground running with renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose, serving as the lead advocate and organizer on the Hill, working in concert with individuals and organizations across the city to achieve our shared goal. 


Redefine the role of DC Delegate Statehood is critical, but we need to expect more from our Delegate. On issues as diverse as education, as transportation, the environment, we’ve heard and seen little. These have strong Federal components that affect the day to day lives of our residents and we deserve an articulated vision of where we want the government to be on these issues. Any other Member of Congress would be expected to share their views and campaign on it. Is this what you’re seeing in this election? Is it what you're seeing out of your Delegate?

Revitalize the relationship between the Federal government and DC Even when we become a State, DC will remain heavily invested in our relationship with the Federal government. The National Park Service owns a huge percentage of our total land and many of our roads. What use is transportation and urban planning if they don’t work with us? Projects such as St. Elizabeths and Walter Reed drift rudderless, seemingly lost in the cracks between DC and the Federal government. Major construction projects like the CSX tunnel near the Navy Yard are being launched and relevant Federal agencies don't bother to show up to community meetings. Of all jurisdictions in the country, we shouldn't expect or accept a distant and unreachable national government. We have home field advantage. Let's use it.

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